Decadent life

Decadent life

Last night I was letting the soft whispers of string instruments lull me to sleep, when a thought sprang into my mind:
What an amazing time to be alive!
I mean think about it, I was experiencing what just a century ago would have required an entire orchestra privately performing for me in my bedroom.
This thought caught on and expanded outwards.
The budget of a single blockbuster movie is often greater than the wealthiest men to have ruled centuries ago, and all of it exists merely for our entertainment. For your viewing pleasure.

Any food you desire is available from a single location of immense convenience, and you have access to every recipe which has ever been shared.
But if you’re not in the mood to prepare my own masterchef extravaganza, then the dishes of at least 20 different nationalities are generally within half an hour of your home….half an hour for it to arrive that is.
You don’t even need to leave your home to experience this multicultural masterpiece.
Merely order and wait – all of which can be done in your pajama pants.

Today you don’t actually need to speak to a human being to order that food either, you can press some buttons on your smart phone, and it will magically appear half an hour later.

But what about talking – well right now you can speak to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for as long as you like, for FREE…tell me what Emperor has ever possessed that sort of power?
Think of what it was like just a few decades ago.
Imagine your partner sent to the other side of the world, fighting a war far from home, and it took you months to get a single letter, ink smeared by the rain, paper crumbled by the voyage over land and sea. Never knowing if they were dead or alive as you read their words – a snapshot of a moment, already buried amongst the debris of passing time.
How would you cope?
How would you function knowing that the farewell when you felt their hand warm in yours all those years, months, days, and minutes ago, may have been the very last?

Uncertainty is a heavy burden to bear.
Fortunately we are free from the bulk of it today.

Think of the literature which you have at your fingertips. Every book which has ever been written is accessible to you.
Every missing piece of information can be found: how to eat well, live healthy, be happy, create wealth, learn ANYTHING, it’s all available, instantly.

And it’s all for YOU.

There was a time when travel was a luxury only available to those privileged enough to afford a ticket, or brave enough to conquer the unknown, often expected to never return.
Today it is a trivial act taken for granted.
How many recount their experiences at the airport as if it was the greatest ordeal of their life, as if hour long delays and 19 hour flights is too much of a price to pay to travel tens of thousands of kilometers around the earth. It’s absurd how fast we are to bemoan the slightest of discomforts or delays, for we have grown used to the world in our hand.

How decadent our world is.
Such an interesting time to be alive.

Comedian Louis CK sums it up well:

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