When will you die?

When will you die?

When I first watched this short animation, I was puzzled, I thought what a waste, why throw yourself off a cliff for a dream that lasts mere seconds. Especially when you’ve worked so hard for it.
It felt unfair, even cruel. A bad joke.

Well, like most things these days, after a small flash of attention, my focus shift to another shiny object, and the animation was lost to the depths of things that are seen with the eyes, but not with the heart.

Yesterday, I experienced this animation again, after a year.
And this time, it struck me numb.


Because for the first time it became clear just what that Kiwi was doing.
It is one of the rarest things to find in this world.

That little bird was LIVING.

Not just existing, or surviving, but truly living.

This Kiwi understands that death will visit us all, and although we pretend we live forever, the reality is that time waits for none of us.

You see, we have no guarantee that we will see the sunset of this day, or that my fingers will even finish writing this very word.

I hope and plan for the future, but the reality is there is nothing in this world that can guarantee it.

Which brings me back to the wise little Kiwi.
It works tirelessly, overcoming immense obstacles. All for what? For a few seconds of heaven?


The Kiwi works with gratitude towards it’s dream, for it understands the key to our short existence: we all have dreams, and they are there to be experienced.

This Kiwi dreamt of flying.
And fly it did.
It’s life was worthwhile.

Think about this for a moment:
What if today, at some time between lunch and dinner…you ceased to exist here, your time was up?
Would there be dreams left unfulfilled? Hopes and wishes and desires left laying in your wake? Places never seen? People who deserve to know how you feel about them, left alone, never to hear the sound of your soul whisper in their ears?

For me the answer was yes.
Yes to all of it.

The question is, why do we wait? All my life I have been infatuated with the idea of “the perfect time”, I would hold off, pull back and hesitate. Never fully giving of myself because I didn’t believe it was the “perfect” time.
The perfect time…what an absurd idea, all time is perfection, because there is no other time than the moment you are experiencing right now. So the “perfect” time doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion fuelled by fear. Because if now is the perfect time, then that would require action or change of some sort, which means pushing through fear.
What has this created?
It’s created so many missed opportunities it hurts to remember them. So many moments wasted. So many perfectly ripe experiences thrown into the wastebasket of time, untouched, rotting.

When I was young I can’t remember why, but I got into the habit of never going to bed with an argument left unresolved, never letting someone I care for leave without saying sorry or telling them that I love them. Because I was terrified of the idea of never seeing them again, and our final words being ones of anger.

Yet I have forgotten this today.
As a man I have left things unresolved and let anger sour this sweet thing called life. I have been casual with my dreams and even more so with my time. I have settled for mediocrity, that ghastly curse of those fortunate enough to be born into the country I’m from. I do treasure moments, but I have neglected to realise the true fulfillment of working hard towards your dreams. The joy that comes from the pursuit of that which burns at your core.

Life is fleeting.
Fleeting as a piece of snow that melts on the palm of your hand.
You blink.
And it’s gone.

Please explain to me why if this is so glaringly obvious, that we fail to see it? How is it that so many of us are able to impale our dreams on the blunt stone of tomorrow?

Maybe this won’t make any sense to you, but it’s making a lot of sense to me.

What are those dreams? Is today not the day to start working hard for them?  Because there’s no guarantee that tomorrow will ever come.

It is my dream that you find what you seek, and have everything you’ve ever had the courage to wish for.

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