Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds

When I launched my book and sold only 4 copies – one to my mum – I had the honour of learning The Golden Entrepreneurial Rule:

Find out what the market wants
Provide them with it

It’s not that writing a book was a bad idea, in fact it was a great idea.
It’s just that writing a guide to hitchhiking safely isn’t exactly something people are willing to pay money for…

Somehow I couldn’t see that while pouring hours and months into writing and creating it.

There’s an old lecture given by Dr Russell H Conwell called Acres of Diamonds.
Among the many pearls of wisdom within this short transcript, the concept of finding out what people want, and providing them with it, is the key that unlocks the acres of diamonds rolling before our eyes.

What I liked most about Acres of Diamonds, is how blunt Conwell is in regards to the audience ACTUALLY going out and becoming millionaires, despite having purchased tickets to hear him tell them how.

It reminds me of those people who puff up their chest and rattle off the odds of success (primarily how unlikely it is) with certain endeavours, without ever stopping to consider that every area of life holds those same slim “odds”.
It’s not about the field you choose, it’s about the person that you are.
Or more accurately the person you are becoming.

Either you are willing to step up and do what it takes, or you are not.

The stats tell us nothing more than the number of people who decided to do something, and number of those who procrastinated on deciding, or came to use excuses.

The great turmoil in life comes when we delude ourselves as to which one we are.

This was one of the hardest things for me to realise.
Saying “I’m going to make a million dollars” is fine, ONLY if I’m willing to match my actions and work ethic with the words coming out of my mouth.

In essence, it’s about doing what I say I will do.

Acres of diamonds really pulls no punches when it comes to this topic.
I found it refreshing.

The last point worth mentioning is from Conwell’s experience meeting Abraham Lincoln.
Conwell entered Lincoln’s office in the White House. Without looking up from some papers he was reading Lincoln told him to take a seat.
They sat in silence for some time.
With a sigh Lincoln signed the final paper, placed it to the side and raised his eyes to Conwell.
Giving him his full attention.

Conwell left that meeting knowing the source of the great man’s power. It can be summed up in a single line:

Whatsoever you do, do it with your whole being, until it is done.

A lesson for me to take on.

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