Why is the pool empty?

Why is the pool empty?

In Santiago it rarely rains.
The sun beats down, the air is dry and warm.
Perfect weather to enjoy the large glistening pool we have in the well manicured yard of our building.

So why is it rarely used?

I never noticed that the pool remained empty 98% of the time, despite the constant sunshine, until one day I looked and the pool was full of people. Judging by their pasty flesh which the sun greedily sunk it’s teeth into – it was quite possibly the first swim for the year.

Where did this sudden influx of people come from?
Well it was a public holiday.
People skipped work and were finally free to enjoy something as simple as a hole in the ground filled with water.

Which got me thinking about my home city of Sydney.
Quite often there’ll be a gorgeous day with the sun dancing upon the surface of the rolling harbour…and yet despite these ideal conditions to be out on the water, the thousands of yachts moored around Sydney remain tethered to the land, unused.


Because the owners are working. They’re at their high paying jobs, busy, busy burning the seconds of their day. Listening to people who will never mean anything to them, and yet there they are spending their precious breaths with them. All in exchange for a week or two a year to get away and “relax” (which really is code for blow their brains out with whatever opiate will numb the ache in their soul).

I am not anti work. I have spent enough time avoiding work to know that idleness is the fastest road to a deep aching depression. Humans need to do something, we need to build, create, expand, contribute, share ideas and communicate. We need to use the gifts we’ve been born with. Work is an ideal outlet for these intrinsic urges.

The work I am anti is the mindless motions of modern day slaves. The work that is ruled by the alarm clock and frantic rush. Work which enslave the mind and numbs the body.

Think of the fellow tenants in my building here in Santiago. I work, just like them, but my work gives me the ability to enjoy our pool on a sunny day, if that’s what I wish. In essence our different choices have either given us more freedom to choose, or less.

We will all work in our lives, make sure your work is providing you with the ability to actually LIVE.

Focus on leverage. Move away from the trap of trading time for money, and move into the realm of creating something that pays you residually.
It will take time, courage, persistence. I have failed many times…actually: many many times. I’m by no means ‘there’ yet, but I have created the luxury of choice in my life. And for that I’m immensely grateful for past Kurt’s decisions.

Enjoy the ride!

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