Act in Spite Fear

Fear, a symptom of our modern day favourite pastime, playing zombie in front of TV being spoon fed chaos on an hourly basis. It’s vital to switch off the constant chatter of ‘what if’s’ spewing into our consciousness and step out of our heads, step out of our comfort zone. Life was never meant to be lived in a ‘comfortable’ little bubble. Everything that is great, everything that is spectacular, everything that is unbelievable, is waiting for you just beyond your field of vision. Don’t be fooled by what you know, what you know is the only thing holding you back from living up to your full potential.

There are times when your fear is legitimate and reasonable, I’m not telling you to ignore this kind of fear, it is the irrational, unnecessary and constant petty fear that is inhibiting our lives that I’m talking about. Know how to differentiate between the two. The former is a real danger, the latter a distant ‘what if’.

Ask yourself the next time you experience fear, ‘Is this really serving my best interests?’

Fear is the fence you must jump in order to run free in the unknown. We must all act in spite of our fear. We must recognise why we are scared, we must acknowledge it, and then step forward into it. Only then, once we have pressed forward through our fear, do we realise that it has been ruling our lives, holding us back, limiting our experiences.

Hitchhiking Australia

Go ahead, act in spite of fear, and experience the world that has been waiting for you. I never would have dreamed I could hitchhike from the south east corner of Australia to Darwin, but once over the initial fear, everything is possible.

Act in Spite of Fear Summary:

  • Fear rules our lives and limits our experiences
  • Push beyond the incessant negative chatter within the head
  • Know when to heed your fear and when to ignore it
  • Act in spite of fear to set yourself free