Attitude and Intuition

Look at those smiles! Only positive attitudes here.
Look at those smiles! Only positive attitudes here.


Your attitude, transforms the world around you.

If you are positive and an eternal optimist then your perspective shall be substantially different to that of one who lets trivial matters get them down. Do not feel sorry for yourself. If it takes you three hours to get a ride don’t whinge and whine and bitch and moan, be grateful for the ride. You are the one in control of your life, blaming others achieves nothing but weakening your power.

Hitchhiking requires a certain amount of hard work, persistence and determination. The way you view the world will have a huge impact on your hitchhiking experience. If you approach hitchhiking as an exciting adventure where everything is an ‘experience’ to be cherished and appreciated with all your senses, then you will have a ball. If you are hitchhiking to a deadline, focusing solely on the destination, you will miss every tiny step, which is a tiny victory, and arrive at your destination exhausted and worn out.

Relish the small triumphs and ignore the big pains.

For example, some may view the fact that you have to lug your bag around and walk for excruciatingly long distances, as a negative. Others may relish this opportunity to work on their ‘hitchhiker’ physique: lean, fit and tanned as camels hide.

Your outlook on life must be a positive one if partaking in hitchhiking, or anything for that matter. If you always celebrate and rejoice in the small wins, travel with a light heart, laugh often, smile always, and take nothing seriously, including yourself, then your experience hitchhiking shall be spectacular, robust and one hell of an adventure.

It is important to know when to call it quits too. All too often I have hitchhiked for the sake of hitchhiking, for bragging rights. Sometimes it’s just not your day. Realise when this occurs and go easy on yourself, don’t be ashamed of taking the bus, it’s all part of the journey. It goes back to my friends motto: Wait two hours, grab a beer, then a bus.

If you’re not enjoying the ride then what’s the point of it all?

Attitude Summary:

  • You make your world, if you don’t like your world then change the glasses you view it through (perspective)
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself
  • Rejoice in the small triumphs
  • Know when to call it a day and get the bus.
  • Enjoy the ride


Intuition, our most primal form of self preservation. That little knowing sitting between the base of your spine and bowels. Often ignored, much to the detriment of the being. It will guide us through this life in perfect harmony if we were just to listen to it.

You will find you begin to assess people in a flicker of a moment, like a slide of film, you will know whether their intentions are flawed. You will simply feel it. Do not ignore these feelings.

Intuition is a critical tool for hitchhiking, the only bad experiences I’ve had where when I ignored my gut feeling, the voice whispering from within. Awareness is the key, become aware of all that is around you. Get in touch with your inner voice, practice listening to what it has to say, learn to act on its wisdom, learn to ignore doubt, fear and hesitation. Intuition and a fertile ear are all you really need in this life.