Female Hitchhikers

There are so many girls out there who want to hitchhike. They have the bursting desire to experience life in a raw and unfiltered form. Yet unfortunately things are not equal on the road, regardless of how things are in every other area of your life, the risks are sadly stacked against female hitchhikers. It can be frustrating for women to have to find a partner who shares their desires in order to hitchhike. There are a rare few who set off and do it on their own, this takes guts, but is also risky. I’m not here to say what you can and can’t do, I’m just here to say, based on my experiences, what is the smartest, safest and most effective way of hitchhiking.

Two Polish girls I met who were hitchhiking around Europe
Two Polish girls I met who were hitchhiking around Europe

So if you are a solo female hitchhiking here is how you are best to do it:

  • Use the petrol station hitchhiking technique almost exclusively
  • Dress as bland and unattractive as possible (mind you in some parts of the world no matter how bland you dress the guys will still be leering at the foreigner, it’s just the way it is)
  • Always carry a phone
  • Always have an escape plan in your head
  • Talk about your friends waiting for you where you are going and how they know how you are and where you are travelling, even if they don’t exist
  • Talk about your boyfriend/husband even if he, also, doesn’t exist
  • Talk about the drivers family (to create a sense of duty)
  • If possible only get in rides with other women or families
  • Consider carrying mace

So go out there, make friends, find a partner who you can rope into hitchhiking with you. You will both have a hell of a time.