Hitchhiking Resources

Hitchhiking Inventory

  • Pocket knife:
    Never know when you might want to stab someone.
  • Hammock:
    Only if you’re young and nimble, with a healthy liver to handle the alcohol you will inevitably guzzle.
  • Tent:
    Works well in wet weather.
  • Sleeping bag:
    Great at four am when the deep freeze sets in.
  • Foam beach mat/cardboard/sleeping mat:
    Your back can thank me later.
  • Water bottle:
    Mine was once abused by my penis while on a bus in Argentina that wouldn’t stop for a toilet break. Life saver, to say the least.
  • Permanent marker:
    For poetry on bathroom walls.
  • Small torch:
    For discovering what’s making those scurrying noises while you sleep in a bamboo forest (it was a wild bore).
  • A lighter:
    For the inevitable joint getting passed around.
  • Pen:
    Soothes the loneliness of the road.
  • Notebook:
    To get the hot drivers numbers and making flip drawings while waiting for a ride.
  • Cardboard:
    So much more than a sign – a bed, umbrella, dinner plate.
  • A towel:
    Because ‘Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ said so.
  • Condoms:
    For that Swiss volley ball team who pick you up.
  • Phrasebook:
    To communicate with them.
  • Camera:
    To document your experiences with them and later upload to the internet to finance your travels.

Useful Links:

Hitch Wiki

  • The ultimate country specific hitchhiking guide.

Digi Hitch

  • Useful, but cluttered.

Kinga and Chopin

  • Inspiring and informative country specific information.

Ludovic Hubler

  • Please note this one appears to only be in French…it used to be in English too. So, ahh, goodluck with that!

Find a Crew

  • Don you sailing cap and ball crunching short shorts, the high seas await.

Road Junky

  • One of my all time favourite and most inspiring alternative travel websites. It was Road Junky and its founder who inspired me to give hitchhiking a go in the first place