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I’ve made a mistake

Well, actually I've made A LOT of mistakes. I dropped out of University....twice. I tried to hitchhike from Australia to China on yachts...during cyclone season. I doubled my money day trading on the stock market...and then lost 4 times that amount, owing nearly $20,000. I entered into relationships with the…

The way we think

Men and Women are different, you already know that. Depending on the situation you may be grateful or stressed by these differences. But you've probably never had the differences articulated quite like this: Thankyou Mark Gungor!

When will you die? When I first watched this short animation, I was puzzled, I thought what a waste, why throw yourself off a cliff for a dream that lasts mere seconds. Especially when you've worked so hard for it. It felt unfair, even cruel. A bad joke. Well, like most things these days,…