I’ve made a mistake

I’ve made a mistake

Well, actually I’ve made A LOT of mistakes.

I dropped out of University….twice.
I tried to hitchhike from Australia to China on yachts…during cyclone season.
I doubled my money day trading on the stock market…and then lost 4 times that amount, owing nearly $20,000.
I entered into relationships with the wrong women, and left relationships with the right women.
I gave attention to those who didn’t matter, while neglecting those who did matter.
I left many incredible women purely because I didn’t want to miss out on what was around the corner.
I drank the tap water in Cambodia and was bed ridden for two weeks, losing 10kgs.
I got in the car with a man who tried to have sex with me while hitchhiking in Thailand.
I traded FOREX with similar results to my share trading experiences.
I worked on an organic farm in Tonga which turned out to be run by cult leaders kicked out of the US.
We attempted to motor through a storm in the Pacific islands holding nothing but a surf board and the cold metal railing of our dinghy which was taking on water.
I drank the tap water in Cambodia…again.
I tried to sing karaoke sober.
I dropped a girl while trying to dance salsa.
I sailed from Tonga to New Zealand for two weeks on a yacht run by a crazy Argentinean woman who chain smoked day and night – with no experience on yachts or even on the open sea.
I rode on the back of a motorbike down the hairpin curves of Vidigal favela in Rio De Janiero…right after the rider had skulled two glasses of rum.
I was pick pocketed while dancing in a samba circle in Brazil.
Robbed with my friend by four men in Bosnia.
I was a club promoter who never brought anyone to the club.
I’ve been reckless with my words, and careless with my thoughts.
I’ve argued and fought.
I’ve unwittingly said extremely inappropriate things in foreign languages.
I’ve trusted when perhaps I shouldn’t have.
I’ve waited when I should have acted, and acted when I should have waited.
I never published my first book.
I was scammed out of my money.
I failed in my first 2 businesses.
I thought I knew better and wasn’t coachable.
I let small pains grow into big pains, and waited too long to change.

And this is just what comes to mind right now, I’m certain that if I invested more time in it….this post would be too long to read.

Yet the irony of it all is, that I am grateful for every mistake I’ve made, every failure I’ve had.


Because it means I’ve lived!

It means that I’ve actually used this tiny fragment of time that we call ‘life’ to do SOMETHING. I feel too many people are paralysed by the fear of making a mistake, of failing, of trying and not succeeding, of an outcome they hadn’t planned for.
They are taking life too seriously, I mean, none of us is going to make it out alive, so why pretend you are going to live forever?

The best part of mistakes, is that you learn and grow from them. Mistakes are like the fertilizer that makes a human grow into their strongest form. Without them, we would forever remain a vulnerable child in need of our mothers arms.

I recommend writing out a list of your biggest mistakes and failures, it’s an incredibly liberating experience as you see the colour of your life etched before your eyes.

Celebrate the life you are living.

Both the highs and the lows.

Jack Ma one of the wealthiest men in China, say’s it best:

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