Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji

“Yay! Adventurous Kurt is back!!”

This was the message I received from a Japanese friend when I announced I’d just bought a ticket to Japan to hike Mt Fuji.

I wasn’t aware “adventurous Kurt” had even left.
I guess I haven’t been as outwardly adventurous in recent years as when I was putting my body on the line hitchhiking and binge drinking my way around the world, hustling for a ride, a couch, or a meal. The truth is there are many different adventures to be had in this world, not all so easily seen with the eyes. The adventures of the recent years have been ones of the heart, the mind, internal adventures challenging my sense of who I am and what I stand  for. These are silent struggles, not easily shared on a facebook wall.

Nonetheless my hike up Japan’s highest mountain marks the beginning of a more public display of living.
And to be honest, I’m quite nervous about it.

Whether it be a constant desire to be liked, fear of rejection or reluctance of joining the herd of people regurgitating mass produced euphemisms, my concerns about putting my life and work on display are both irrational and expected.

I’m searching for the best way to offer up the contents of my day for the world to sift through and pick over, and hopefully benefit from in some way. But how to do that in a world of 7.5 Billion people?
It is the great contradiction of humanity that we are each 100% unique, rare, never seen before, never to be seen again, MIRACLES…

…just like everyone else.

So I hiked a mountain in Japan, so what.

It’s something thousands of people do each and every year. They have done for centuries and will continue for as long as there are mountains left standing.

I guess the real question then, is how to be “special” in a world of 7.5 Billion people, and offer something new or useful?

And here I have an answer: perspective.
What I can offer the world is my unique perspective carved into my eyes from every beating second spent alive.
It is our perspective which transform our experiences into something magical, something worth sharing, not the experiences themselves.

Yes many people have hiked Mt Fuji. Yes many people have done that weird obscure thing you think only you have done. Yes it has all been done before…
But not by you, and never with your perspective.

So what was the hike up Mt Fuji like?

In answer to the question at the end of this (poorly edited) video, this is WHAT’S NEXT!

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