A Spiritual Experience

A Spiritual Experience

“Have a deeply spiritual experience.”
When I wrote this as #67 on my bucket list I had some expectation that it would be atop an immense mountain range steeped in a morning mist, with wisps of clouds rising up from the tree tops, dissolving in the light.
Or with a shaman rattling a goat skin drum, chanting from the depths of his belly and shaking chicken bones, tossing them against the dirt.
Or perhaps while dancing with a tribe in an African village to the beat of drums and feet pounding the earth, beneath the immense netting of a star flooded sky.

What I didn’t envision was that it would occur in a pleasant, but entirely ordinary office building in a quiet suburb of Sydney, while surrounded by people who believed in fairies…

But there’s something in that, isn’t there.
The idea that we already possess all that we are seeking, and that there is beauty in the mundane, possibly tedious or boring aspects of our days, if we could just bring our loving attention into them.

My experience required no grand sacrifices, no monumental bouts of effort, no wading through acres of pain to purify my soul. It simply required a basic tool kit to commune with a deeper part of self.
I’m sure there are many such tool kits or herbal enhancements…
The one I used is a Theta state, and it helped me discover the divinity within myself and tune in to that part of us which belongs to us all: blissful, unadulterated, peace.

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