So often the true value of things are hidden from us,
until moments of crisis or turmoil stir them to the surface.

What is the true value of this business I invest my time into?
I believe it is hope.

We’re all virgins when it comes to life.
Awkwardly fumbling our way through our first and quite possibly last encounter, never knowing if it will end prematurely or endure the rhythm of years tumbling into decades.

And as such, we all require hope.
The recognition that you are, despite your deepest fears, ok, and you can take this dance wherever you wish.

That is at the heart of this business, the ability to offer hope to those seeking a change from their current reality.
Hope that something else is possible.
Hope that you are not bound by these circumstances.
Hope that the future can provide you with excitement rather than fear.
Hope that where you are today, is not where you shall remain.
Hope that you are not chained to, nor reliant on one person, one income, one place, one market, one economy.
Hope that your possibilities are endless, and that you can act on them.

My team have taught me this.
They give me hope.

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